Uniting Blockchain Enthusiasts and Poker Players: BYDFi Exchange Supports BEPC Poker Event in Las Vegas

Uniting Blockchain Enthusiasts and Poker Players: BYDFi Exchange Supports BEPC Poker Event in Las Vegas

Koinpr – Las Vegas, 10th July, 2023

BYDFi, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is honored to announce its sponsorship of the Blockchain Exclusive Poker Club (BEPC) event. The event takes place at the prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Resorts World, bringing together the worlds of blockchain technology and poker for an innovative and entertaining experience.

Blockchain Exclusive Poker Club (BEPC) is a community dedicated to the intersection of blockchain and poker. By leveraging blockchain technology, BEPC aims to provide blockchain enthusiasts and poker players with the most cutting-edge entertainment experience. This exclusive event will showcase the fusion of these two dynamic industries and create an engaging platform for networking and collaboration.

As a sponsor, BYDFi demonstrates its commitment to supporting and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in various sectors. The partnership with BEPC underscores BYDFi’s dedication to fostering innovation and providing unique opportunities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to sponsor the Blockchain Exclusive Poker Club event,” said Michael Hung, CMO at BYDFi. “This collaboration represents our shared vision of embracing emerging technologies and revolutionizing the entertainment industry. We look forward to an exciting event that will bring together enthusiasts and experts from both the blockchain and poker communities.”

About BYDFi

BYDFi is a leading cryptocurrency social trading exchange for individual investors.  BYDFi has been offering professional, convenient, and innovative trading solutions to global users since 2020, including spot trading, lite contracts, perpetual contracts, and copy trading.

With the slogan “BUIDL Your Dream Finance” takes cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. BYDFi aspires for its platform to afford users autonomy and leave a permanent imprint on the sector’s progress.

Media Contact:Jeanne Hsieh

Contact: media@bydfi.com

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