UniSat Wallet reports double spend attacks: Investigation underway

UniSat Wallet reports double spend attacks: Investigation underway

UniSat, the first open-source browser extension for Ordinals on bitcoin has announced that it’s hit by a wave of double spend attacks. On 24th April, the UniSat Wallet took to Twitter to share the news of a double spending attack resulting from a vulnerability in its codebase. 

For those who are not aware, Ordinals allows for the creation of bitcoin NFTs by tying various types of data, including photographs, movies, and more, to a single satoshi on the bitcoin blockchain. Last week, the wallet tested different approaches to stimulate double-spend attacks to protect their customers from any unforeseen potential mishaps. However, recently it experienced a large number of double spend attacks that caused widespread outages among its users. Additionally, it stated, “Currently, we have preliminary investigation results, and out of all 383 transactions, 70 transactions have been identified as affected.”

UniSat Wallet is considered the first BRC-20 wallet and market provider. The BRC-20 is a token standard created using Ordinals and inscriptions and is a brand-new, experimental fungible token standard.

The Wallet has also made it clear that it will compensate those who have faced losses due to a large number of double-spend attacks. In addition to this, UniSat also identified that the BRC 20 is still at a very nascent stage and various issues have been raised and resolved in the last 30 days. There’s no clarity on the exact number of transactions that have been stuck in this attack, in the upcoming few days the account will be identified and compensated.  

It also provided a detailed process to raise a query by initiating a ticket on UniSat’s Discord server. The affected person has to upload screenshots and a wallet address to seek future help from the Wallet. Additionally, the company asked users to be active about further developments and check their ticket status regularly. It will be interesting to see how UniSat Wallet will compensate in the upcoming days and the data that will come from the comprehensive investigation. 

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