Hong Kong continues to lead the way in Crypto friendly environments for the second year

Hong Kong continues to lead the way in Crypto friendly environments for the second year

Hong Kong has once again secured its position as the most crypto-ready jurisdiction in 2023, maintaining its status for the second consecutive year. This ranking is based on a comprehensive assessment of crypto accessibility, legality, and adoption, including factors like the presence of crypto ATMs, regulatory environment, startup activity, and taxation policies.

Hong Kong clinched the top spot with a Crypto Readiness Score (CRS) of 8.36, while Switzerland made a significant leap to second place with a CRS score of 8.18, marking a 9% increase from the previous year. In contrast, the United States slipped to third place with a 6.5% drop in its CRS score, falling from 7.7 in 2022 to 7.25 in 2023.

The study also revealed that Slovenia, Canada, and Australia managed to secure spots in the top 10 crypto-ready countries. Interestingly, the Netherlands exhibited the highest per capita interest in cryptocurrencies among the general population. While the United States boasts the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs, Hong Kong leads in terms of crypto ATMs per square foot due to its smaller landmass.

Estonia, Singapore, and Switzerland emerged as bustling hubs for crypto and blockchain companies. Taxation policies play a crucial role in mass crypto adoption, and 12 countries, including Germany, Panama, and Portugal, impose a 0% tax on crypto for individuals, positioning them for potential growth in the coming years.

In the United States, New York achieved the highest crypto readiness score among U.S. states, with a CRS of 9.80. This was attributed to the state’s robust crypto-related legislation and the presence of numerous crypto and blockchain businesses.

Furthermore, India led global crypto adoption in 2023, according to a Chainalysis report, with other lower middle-income nations like Nigeria and Thailand following closely. India not only exhibited significant grassroots adoption but also became the second-largest crypto market globally in terms of raw estimated transaction volume, surpassing many major economies.

Overall, these rankings reflect the evolving landscape of crypto adoption and readiness across the globe, with different regions showcasing their strengths and contributions to the crypto ecosystem.

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