German banking giant to expand digital asset custody services

German banking giant to expand digital asset custody services

DZ Bank, the second-largest lender in Germany by assets after Deutsche Bank, has announced that it will be partnering with Swiss company Metaco to offer digital custody services to its clients. In a press release Metaco has confirmed this partnership with DZ Bank. 

The move is a very crucial step forward for DZ Bank in the digital asset space, as it wants to expand its services in response to growing demand from its investors.

Metaco is a leading provider of digital asset custody solutions, with a focus on institutional clients. The company’s technology is designed to provide secure and reliable storage of digital assets, with a range of advanced security features to protect against hacks and other forms of cyber attacks.

DZ Bank’s decision to collaborate with Metaco is part of a wider trend of traditional financial institutions looking to enter the digital asset management space. As interest in digital assets continues to grow, more and more investors are seeking ways to access these assets in a safe and secure manner.

The assurance that comes from knowing that one’s funds are being maintained in a secure setting is what custody services like those provided by Metaco give investors.

For Metaco, the partnership with DZ Bank represents a significant opportunity to expand its business into the German market. The company has already established itself as a leading provider of digital asset custody solutions in Switzerland and other European markets, and the partnership with DZ Bank is expected to help it continue this growth trajectory.

“We are excited to announce this cooperation as it further establishes Metaco as a market leader in Germany, trusted by some of the country‚Äôs largest banks and exchanges”, said Craig Perrin (Chief Sales Officer at Metaco).

Overall, DZ Bank’s partnership with Metaco represents an important step forward for the adoption of digital assets in Germany. With more and more traditional financial institutions entering the space, it looks like that we will continue to see a significant growth in the sector in the years to come.

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